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Madar is more than an expert in transportation. Madar is your partner in business improvement. Madar is the transportation fleet that elevates your logistics performance. Our innovative end-to-end digital transformation of the logistics process offers you cost advantages, improves productivity, and equips you with a minute-by-minute, gate-to-gate visibility. With tens of thousands of shipping transactions under our belt, Madar is the catalyst that can transform your logistics from a cumbersome expense into a value-enhancing practice.

Why Outsource Your Logistics?

Madar can add value to your business from the first load we transport. Logistics and transportation management are costly and time-consuming. Without in-house expertise and analytical tools, inefficiencies can be difficult to identify and correct. Delays and human error waste time and money, and most importantly can cost you business when your products aren’t where they’re supposed to be. In short, sub-optimal logistics can keep your company from performing at the highest level.

Madar to the rescue. Madar is the logistics expert who takes headaches off your plate, saves you time and money, and builds value for your business.


Madar can offer you


  • Better pricing, without overdependency on a few carriers
  • Route and load optimization for expense control and environmental sustainability
  • Full gate-to-gate
  • Reliability that strengthens your relationships with your clients
  • A professional result from a partner focused on delivering best-in-class transportation services

With Madar, world-class logistics are accessible to companies of any size.


Why Choose Madar ?


Madar gives you the benefits of an intelligently designed in-house logistics operations, without the cost and learning curve:

Tailored to you: Madar lets you customize every shipment for your specific needs.
You’re in control: You know exactly where your shipment is at every moment, and get confirmation the minute it’s delivered.
Your business runs more efficiently: Timeliness and reliability mean better service to your customers.
Building long-term value: Outsourcing logistics to Madar lets you refocus your time and attention on other impactful and profitable parts of your business.


Madar Process

How it Works

1 TapTap1

Book your shipment

2 CalendarCalendar1

Your shipment leaves your dock

3 locationlocation

Your shipment arrives at the destination

4 MeasureMeasure

Measure the results that you get from Madar


Log into the Madar app on your desktop or smartphone to schedule your shipment down to the minute.Select truck type based on shipment characteristics. Madar returns a price quote including insurance. Accept the quote, and Madar assigns your shipment to a fleet provider with a strong safety record based on strict performance parameters


The assigned driver picks up your shipment. Sensors capture parameters like arrival time, loading time and departure from your gate, with notification through the app and by email. Keep your customers informed with accurate shipment status and delivery times. Track your shipment with GPS-enabled Automatic Vehicle Location. (In the unlikely event of a delay, you’ll receive an automatic push notification.)


Proof of delivery is automatically delivered to your inbox, with a copy saved to your Madar account. You can automatically reconcile invoices through the Madar platform, eliminating backhauling delays.


Customizable dashboard reports give you a global view on all your Madar shipments. Key performance indicators and trend data give you insights that can be used to optimize your channel operations, as well as to evaluate the value added by partnering with Madar.
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